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 100g  Marinated Camembert cheese with chilli peppers and onion served with bread  69,-
 150g  Pickled sausage with chilli peppers and onion served with bread  49,-
 100g  Headcheese with vinegar and onion served with bread  49,-
 150g  Fine sliced pork tongue with fresh horseradish and Dijon mustard served with bread  69,-
 1 pcs.  Salty potatoe pancake  with cabbage salad  79,-
 1 pcs.  Old Bohemian “Lokše” with cabbage salad  79,-
 150g  Home-made potatoe chips with garlic dip  69,-
 300g  Large cone of French fries with tartare sauce  89,-
 350g  Crispy fried onion rings in potatoe batter with sour cream dip  89,-
 1pcs.  Grilled sausage with mustard, apple horseradish and bread  89,-
 100g  Steak Tartar from finely chopped beef leg mixed with spices, onion and roasted bread (4pcs.)  175,-
 100g  Belgian steak Tartar from finely chopped beef leg mixed with shallot, parsley, Parmesan cheese, capers, Cornichos gherkins, salt, pepper and olive oil served with small green salad, French fries and spicily dip  185,-




 250ml  Beef broth with meat, vegetable and home-made noodles  35,-
 250ml  Old Bohemian potatoe soup with mushrooms  35,-





 150g  Old Vienna goulash with viennese dumplings  129,-
 150g  Roasted pork meat with stewed cabbage and dumplings  109,-
 200g  Viennese veal schnitzel with parsley potatoes and cranberries  199,-
 1100g  Roasted pork hock Schweizerhaus served with cabbage salad, sour gherkin, apple horseradish, mustard and hot pepper (24 hours order required)  299,-





 200g  Grilled chicken breast with herb butter  125,-
 200g  Natural medallions with grilled vegetable  145,-
 200g  Fried chicken schnitzel with parsley potaoes  145,-
 200g  Spicy chicken slices with vegetable, chilli peppers and champignons  145,-
 120g  Pork schnitzel Ondráš with cabbage salad  145,-
 200g  Marinated grilled pork neck with pepper corners, mustard, apple horseradish and bread  149,-
 200g  Pork medallions with green pepper sauce  159,-
 200g  Pork medallions with green beans and roasted bacon  169,-
 200g  Pork medallions with mushroom sauce  179,-
 150g  Pork slices au Stroganoff  169,-
 200g  Rump steak with green pepper sauce  189,-
 200g  Rump steak with poached egg  189,-
 200g  Caesar burger with home made brioche and French fries  150,-
 200g  Jalapeńo burger with BBQ sauce and home made brioche, Coleslaw salad  150,-
 200g   Cheese burger with blue cheese dip, Cheddar cheese, home made brioche and Coleslaw salad  159,-



 150g  Fried cheese  85,-
 250g  Home made potatoe gnocchi au gratin with garlic and cream  135,-



 350g  Lyon salad – vinaigrette dressing with garlic, Roman lettuce, light boiled egg, shallot, crispy bacon, croutons  115,-
 350g  Caesar salad – caesar dressing, Roman lettuce, croutons, Parmesan cheese, grilled chicken breasts  145,-
 200g  Mixed vegetable salad with vinaigrette dressing  55,-
 200g  Caprese salad – mozzarella, tomatoes, basil pest, fresh basil, olive oil, balsamico, vinegar, home-made ciabatta  125,-
 350g  Balkan salad – mixed vegetable, Balkan cheese, black olives, vinaigrette, home made-ciabatta  125,-



 250g  Bohemian dumplings *  35,-
 250g  Potatoe dumplings *  35,-
 250g  Viennese dumplings *  35,-
 150g  Home-made French fries *  45,-
 150g  Potatoe rösti *  45,-
 3pcs.  Salty potatoe pancakes *  45,-
 250g  Boiled potatoes with butter  35,-
 200g  Rice  30,-
 200g  Grilled vegetable  55,-


 1pcs.  Warm apple strudel “Plachuta” with whipped cream  59,-
 200g  Viennese Kaisersschmarrn with juicy rum raisins and stewed plums   99,-
 1pcs.  Warm chocolate muffin with raspberry sauce and whipped cream  69,-




 50g  Tartar sauce *  25,-
 50g  Spicy dip *  25,-
 50g   Garlic dip *  25,-
 50g  Caesar dip *  25,-
 50g  Tomato ketchup  18,-
 50g  Mustard/Dijon Mustard  18,-
 50g  Spicy Ajvar *  25,-
 50g  BBQ sauce *  25,-
 50g  Dijon mayonnaise *  25,-
 50g  Apple horseradish *    6,-
 1pcs  Bread/Fried bread  35,-
 150g  Potatoe chips  35,-
 100g  Salty peanuts  35,-
 100g  Salty snack Hradecké    6,-
 1pcs  Beer pretzel
  For half portion we charge 60 % of the price of food.  
  Our dishes may contain allergens. For more informations ask the personal please.  
  We use only fresh produce and traditional recipes.  
  * Our home-made produces